Fabricators and Welders produce components, assemblies, and structures to engineering standards and specifications using a range of process’s.

Fabricators and Welders need to be technically minded, able to demonstrate numerical and scientific ability, problem-solving skills and have good hand eye co-ordination. 

What does Fabricator/welders do?

Fabricator/Welders can work on components and equipment for many industries including Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Construction, and Manufacturing.

Job responsibilities vary greatly according to the size and type of employer. However, duties typically include:

  • Complying with Health and Safety guidelines
  • Using a variety of welding process’s such as MIG/TIG/MMA
  • Using power tools and hand tools such as Grinders, Hammers, Drills & Files
  • Using Oxy Fuel and Plasma cutting equipment to cut and shape a range of materials
  • Using lifting equipment and performing manual handling
  • liaising with others in the company such as supervision and inspection
  • Undertaking relevant training to help perform their duties
  • Producing components within tolerances and specification
  • Completing documentation and records
  • Provide technical advice once experienced
  • Analysing and interpreting data
Fabrication & Welding Apprenticeship