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Advice from The Tell Organisation Ltd

There are many different funding streams you can access to upskill your staff and develop your business but all funding mechanisms are informed by eligibility factors. Our Business Development Unit staff are fully aware of all funding mechanisms available in your geographical area and can advise you accordingly so for advice on how to select the most appropriate type of training to meet your business’s needs or to find out what funding you might be eligible for, please contact our team and we will happily help you.

Modern Apprenticeship (MA) Funding from Skills Development Scotland (SDS)

We recognise the importance of investing in the workforce of the future and offer a range of Modern Apprenticeships through Skills Development Scotland to put anyone aged 16 and over through SVQ qualifications. As a Modern Apprenticeship is a work-based qualification, this funding is available to staff who are currently employed in a job role, or people who are starting a new job.
The main sectors in which Tell operates are: Mechanical Engineering, Maintenance Engineering, Fabrication and Welding, Aeronautical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Digital Marketing, Business & Administration, Customer Service, Management, Social Services and Healthcare and Care Services Leadership & Management.

Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS)

To qualify for support you will need to meet eligibility criteria on income, courses, qualifications, other funding, course providers and residence. You must have an individual income of £25,000 per annum or less, including bonuses and overtime.

To qualify for funding, candidates should be studying part time Higher Education and Professional Qualification courses at Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) Levels 7 – 10 and be studying 40 – 90 SCQF credits or more per year.


Individual Training Accounts (ITA)

Individual Training Accounts were launched by the Scottish Government in October 2017 with the aim to improve work-related skills and qualifications, giving learners who meet the eligibility criteria up to £200 towards a single training course or training episode per yet. Because it is not a loan, the money doesn’t need to be paid back.

All ITA Courses must be in one of the curriculum areas aligned to the Scottish Government’s Labour Market Strategy which includes: Business, Early Years and Childcare, Health & Safety, Hospitality and Social Care.

ITA is applied for through the Skills Development Scotland My World of Work website. Please follow this link for more information:


Voluntary Sector Development Fund (VSDF)

The purpose of the Voluntary Sector Development Fund is to contribute to the costs associated with meeting required registration qualification criteria set by the Scottish Social Services Council and to assist employers in achieving a qualified workforce.

All voluntary organisations that employ staff who require to be registered with the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) are eligible for this funding. For more information please contact the Business Development Unit at Tell.

Local Authority Funding

Tell are experts at sourcing wage subsidy funding. Once you have an appropriate candidate in place we can assist you in sourcing and making and application for a wage subsidy support through the appropriate local authority.