Business and Administration

An administrator plays an important role within any business, providing administrative support within the workplace. Candidates completing this qualification will cover a broad range of activities with significant complexity, responsibility and autonomy, often in a supervisory or team-leading role. There is a wide range of optional units available to select from including work responsibilities, document production and design, managing events, customer service, managing business resources and managing information and data.

To achieve this qualification, candidates must complete 3 mandatory units and 5 optional units   (there are restrictions to the combinations that may be undertaken and these are detailed below), Core Skills at SCQF Level 5 in Numeracy and Information Communication and Technology plus 1 Enhancement Unit (an additional unit from the list below, another SVQ at SCQF Level 6 or 1 Core Skill at a higher level).


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Qualification Modern Apprenticeship
SVQ Level 3
SCQF Level 6
Course Code GK6Y 23
Mandatory Units

Candidates must complete all 3 Units:

FD9Y 04 Plan how to manage and improve own performance in a business environment
FE01 04 Review and maintain work in a business environment
FE02 04 Communicate in a business environment
Optional Units

Candidates must complete 3 – 5 units from this Group:

FE03 04 Solve business problems
FE04 04 Support other people to work in a business environment
FE05 04 Contribute to decision-making in a business environment
FE06 04 Contribute to negotiations in a business environment
H987 04 Allocate work to team members
H988 04 Quality assure work in your team
FE08 04 Supervise an office facility
FE09 04 Contribute to running a project
FE0X 04 Design and produce documents in a business environment a
FE11 04 Prepare text from notes using touch typing (60 wpm) b
FE0Y 04 Prepare text from shorthand (80 wpm) c
FE10 04 Prepare text from recorded audio instruction (60 wpm) d
FE0T 04 Organise and co-ordinate events e
FE0V 04 Plan and organise meetings f
FE0W 04 Organise business travel or accommodation g
H989 04 Deliver, monitor and evaluate customer service to internal and/or external customers
FE0D 04 Develop a presentation
FE0E 04 Deliver a presentation
FE0F 04 Support the design and development of information systems i
FE0G 04 Monitor information systems
FE0H 04 Analyse and report data
FE0J 04 Order products and services
H68K 04 Manage budgets
FE0L 04 Contribute to innovation in a business environment j
FE0M 04 Provide administrative support in schools
FN75 04 Verify critical dates for sentences
FN76 04 Verify the release process
FN7A 04 Administer Agricultural records
FN7C 04 Make Agricultural Returns, Applications and Claims
FN77 04 Administer Legal Files
FN78 04 Build Case Files
FN79 04 Manage Case Files
H98A 04 Administer parking and traffic challenges, representations and civil parking appeals
FE0P 04 Administer statutory parking and traffic appeals
FE0R 04 Administer parking and traffic debt recovery


A maximum of 2 units* from IT may be selected:

F9AR 04 Bespoke software 3k
F9AW 04 Specialist software 3k
F9C3 04 Data management software 3l
F9C6 04 Database software 3m
F99F 04 Improving productivity using IT 3n
F99V 04 IT security for users 3o
F9CV 04 Presentation software 3p
F99L 04 Setting up an IT system 3q
F9D2 04 Spreadsheet software 3r
F9A8 04 Using collaborative technologies 3s
F9D5 04 Website software 3t
F9D8 04 Word processing software 3u
F9A5 04 Using email 3v


Group C – 0 to 2 units can be selected:

F93T 04 Produce documents in a business environment a
FD9W 04 Prepare text from notes b
FD9X 04 Prepare text from notes using touch typing (40wpm) b
FD9T 04 Prepare text from shorthand (60 wpm) c
FD9V 04 Prepare text from recorded audio instruction (40 wpm) d
FD9N 04 Support the organisation and co-ordination of events e
FD9P 04 Support the organisation of business travel or accommodation g
FD9R 04 Support the organisation of meetings f
FD94 04 Handle Mail
F93X 04 Provide reception services
FD96 04 Meet and welcome visitors
H983 04 Use voicemail message systems
FD92 04 Use a diary system
FD93 04 Take minutes
H984 04 Collate and organise data
FD98 04 Research information
H559 04 Store and retrieve information using a filing system
FD99 04 Provide archive services
FD9A 04 Support the management and development of an information system h
H98C 04 Design and develop an information system i
FE1M 04 Manage and evaluate information systems h
F93V 04 Use office equipment
H985 04 Maintain and issue stock items
FD9F 04 Respond to change in a business environment
H98D 04 Explore ideas for innovation in a business environment j
FM4W 04 Plan change
FD9G 04 Administer HR records
FD9H 04 Administer the recruitment and selection process
FD9J 04 Administer parking dispensations
H982 04 Use occupational and safety guidelines when using a workstation
FN9M 04 Contribute to maintaining security and protecting individuals’ rights in the custodial environment
FN6X 04 Calculate critical dates for sentences
FN6Y 04 Make administrative arrangements for the movement of individuals outside the custodial establishment
FN70 04 Administer documentation for the appeals process
FN71 04 Administer personal money for individuals in custody
FN72 04 Prepare documentation to help authorities decide on the conditions on which to release individuals from custody
FN74 04 Make administrative arrangements for the release of individuals from custody


A maximum of 2 units* from IT and Financial Services may be selected:

FD8V 04 Calculate pay
FD9K 04 Control payroll
FD9L 04 Account for income and expenditure
FD9M 04 Draft financial statements
F9AP 04 Bespoke software 2k
F9AV 04 Specialist software 2k
F9C2 04 Data management software 2l
F9C5 04 Database software 2m
F99E 04 Improving productivity using IT 2n
F99T 04 IT security for users 2o
F9CT 04 Presentation software 2p
F99K 04 Setting up an IT system 2q
F9D1 04 Spreadsheet software 2r
F9A7 04 Using collaborative technologies 2s
F9D4 04 Website software 2 t
F9D7 04 Word processing software 2u
F9A4 04 Using email 2v
Workplace Core Skills
F42B 04 Numeracy Level 5
F42F 04 Information and Communication Technology Level 5
Restricted Combinations

Either unit FE0X 04 or F93T 04 may be selected but not both a

Only one unit may be selected from FE11 04, FD9W04 or FD9X 04b

Either unit FE0Y 04 or FD9T 04 may be selected. c

Either unit FE10 04 or FD9V 04 may be selected. d

Either unit FE0T 04 or FD9N 04 may be selected. e

Either unit FE0V 04 or FD9R 04 may be selected. f

Either unit FE0W 04 or FD9P 04 may be selected. g

Either unit FD9A 045 or FE1M 04 may be selected. h

Either unit FE0F 04 or H98C 04 may be selected. i

Either unit FE0L 04 or H98D 04 may be selected. j

Only one unit may be selected from F9AR 04, F9AW 04, F9AP 04 or F9AV 04 k

Either unit F9C3 04 or F9C2 04 may be selected. l

Either unit F9C6 04 or F9C5 04 may be selected. m

Either unit F99F 04 or F99E 04 may be selected. n

Either unit F99V 04 or F99T 04 may be selected. o

Either unit F9CV 04 or F9CT 04 may be selected. p

Either unit F99L 04 or F99K 04 may be selected. q

Either unit F9D2 04 or F9D1 04 may be selected. r

Either unit F9A8 04 or F9A7 04 may be selected. s

Either unit F9D5 04 or F9D4 04 may be selected. t

Either unit F9D8 04 or F9D7 04 may be selected. u

Either unit F9A5 04 or F9A4 04 may be selected. v

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Modern Apprenticeship in Business and Administration SCQF Level 6 (GK6Y 23)