Diploma in Digital Marketing

The Diploma in Digital Marketing at SCQF Level 6 provides learners with a qualification that demonstrates underpinning knowledge and evidence of competence in digital marketing. The qualification includes: understanding the business environment; understanding legal, regulatory and ethical requirements in sales or marketing; using collaborative technologies; principles of marketing and evaluation; developing professionalism and digital marketing metrics and analytics and gives you the knowledge and skills required to plan, implement and monitor effective digital marketing campaigns.

 To attain this qualification, candidates must complete 65 SCQF Credits in total comprising of 27 mandatory credits and 38 optional credits from the groups below:

Full details of the qualification can be found on the SQA or EAL Website as appropriate using the following link :

Full details of the Modern Apprenticeship framework can be found on the Skills Development Scotland Website using this link :

Qualification Modern Apprenticeship
SVQ Level 3
SCQF Level 6
Course Code GK4W 46
Mandatory Units

Candidates must complete 27 credits from this group:

H8PK 04 2 SCQF Credits Understanding the business environment
H8PL 04 2 SCQF Credits Understanding legal, regulatory and ethical requirements in sales or marketing
F9A8 04 6 SCQF Credits Using collaborative technologies 3
H8PM 04 7 SCQF Credits Principles of marketing and evaluation
H8PN 04 4 SCQF Credits Develop own professionalism
H8PP 04 6 SCQF Credits Digital Marketing metrics and analytics 1
Optional Units

Optional Units : Group A – Candidates must complete from 14 to 30 credits from this group:

H8PR 04 6 SCQF Credits Principles of Social Media advertising and promotion
H8PT 04 5 SCQF Credits Search engine marketing 1
H8PV 04 5 SCQF Credits Content marketing 1
H8PW 04 4 SCQF Credits Marketing on mobile devices
H8PX 04 5 SCQF Credits Online display advertising 1
H8PY 04 5 SCQF Credits Email marketing 1


Optional Units : Group B – Candidates must complete from 8 to 24 credits from this group:

F9CC 04 4 SCQF Credits Design and imaging software 2
F9AL 04 3 SCQF Credits Audio and video software 2
F9D1 04 4 SCQF Credits Spreadsheet software 2
H8RO 04 6 SCQF Credits Principles of social media within a business
H8R1 04 7 SCQF Credits Principles of keywords and optimisation
H8R2 04 8 SCQF Credits Content management system website creation
F9D5 04 5 SCQF Credits Website software 3
H8R3 04 5 SCQF Credits Principles of marketing stakeholder relationships
H8R4 04 5 SCQF Credits Brand development
H8R5 04 4 SCQF Credits Project management 1
H8WP 04 6 SCQF Credits Analyse and report data
H8R6 04 5 SCQF Credits Produce copy for digital media communication
F9AM 04 4 SCQF Credits Video software 3
H8R7 04 9 SCQF Credits Delivering e-commerce solutions
Career Skills Units
Restricted Combinations
Diploma in Digital Marketing SCQF Level 6 (GK4W 46)