The Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ) in Management at SCQF level 7 allows candidates to demonstrate competence in job-related skills in their particular area of work and expertise. It has been developed to support those working as first line managers, section managers, assistant managers, trainee managers, senior supervisors and those working in a range of other management positions.

To attain this qualification, candidates must complete 7 units in total, 4 mandatory plus 3 optional. Workplace Core Skills in ICT and Numeracy at Level 5 are required for this qualification.

Full details of the qualification can be found on the SQA or EAL Website as appropriate using the following link :

Full details of the Modern Apprenticeship framework can be found on the Skills Development Scotland Website using this link :

Qualification Modern Apprenticeship
SVQ Level 3
SCQF Level 7
Course Code GM26 23
Mandatory Units

Candidates must complete the following 4 Units:

HK26 04 Develop your knowledge, skills and competence
H5XP 04 Lead your team
HA9V 04 Manage people’s performance at work
H8H2 04 Provide healthy, safe, secure and productive working environments and practices
Optional Units

Candidates must complete 3 Units from this group:

H68E 04 Develop operational plans
H69C 04 Promote equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion
HF80 04 Implement change
HK2L 04 Develop and sustain productive working relationships with colleagues
H5XR 04 Recruit, select and retain people
HA9X 04 Support individuals’ learning and development
H69F 04 Help individuals address problems affecting their performance
H683 04 Build teams
H68G 04 Manage conflict in teams
H68H 04 Lead meetings to achieve objectives
HK2K 04 Coach individuals
HK2G 04 Initiate and follow disciplinary procedures
HK2J 04 Initiate and follow grievance procedures
H68K 04 Manage budgets
H5K4 04 Manage the use of financial resources
HK2P 04 Manage physical resources
H7CD 04 Manage the environmental and social impacts of your work
H8H1 04 Use information to take effective decisions
H8GX 04 Communicate information and knowledge
H8H0 04 Manage projects
HK3E 04 Prepare for and participate in quality audits
H68M 04 Manage customer service
H41S 04 Manage corporate social responsibility (CSR)
H41T 04 Evaluate change
H41M 04 Induct individuals into their roles
H41V 04 Manage the redeployment of people
H41W 04 Manage flexible working
H41P 04 Promote staff wellbeing
H41X 04 Mentor individuals
H420 04 Manage quality audits
HK3A 04 Sell products and services
H41Y 04 Develop and sustain collaborative relationships with other departments
H9YF 04 Monitor and solve customer service problems
HK20 04 Work with others to improve customer service
HK2N 04 Obtain physical resources
HC03 04 Implement operational plans
Career Skills Units
Restricted Combinations
Modern Apprenticeship in Management SCQF Level 7 (GM26 23)