Administration of Medication

This award is a new qualification which has been designed to meet the requirements of social service workers who are in a job role where they assist in or administer medication to individuals. The PDA is also designed to provide continuing professional development (CPD) for employees who are currently in a role where they administer medicine.

The award is achieved on the successful attainment of two mandatory units which are listed below. There is no automatic certification of core skills or core skills components in the units within the PDA in Health and Social Care Supervision.

Full details of the qualification can be found on the SQA or EAL Website as appropriate using the following link :

Full details of the Modern Apprenticeship framework can be found on the Skills Development Scotland Website using this link :

Qualification PDA Professional Development Award
SCQF Level 7
Course Code G9V5 47
Mandatory Units

Candidates must complete both Units:

F9D9 34 8 SCQF Credits Administration of Medication
DK2X 04 8 SCQF Credits Administer Medication to Individuals
Optional Units
Career Skills Units
Restricted Combinations
Personal Development Award (PDA) in Administration of Medication at SCQF Level 7 (G9V5 47)