Customer Service

The key purpose of customer service is to win and maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty whilst continuously monitoring and improving customer service. Candidates completing this qualification will be prepared for role including customer relationship management, customer support officer, customer service delivery coordinator, customer service team leader, customer service supervisor or manager or senior customer service advisor.

To achieve this qualification, candidates must complete 7 units in total, 2 mandatory plus 5 optional with a minimum of 1 unit from Optional Groups B, C, D and E.  1 further unit must be selected from any of the optional unit groups. A maximum of 2 optional units can be selected from the optional units at SCQF Level 7 and/or Level 8.

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Qualification SVQ
SVQ Level 3
SCQF Level 6
Course Code GLOD 23
Mandatory Units

Candidates must complete the following 2 Units:

H9YY 04 SCQF Level 7 Show understanding of customer service
HA00 04 SCQF Level 6 Show understanding of the rules that impact on improvements in customer service
Optional Units

Group B:

H9XW 04 SCQF Level 6 Deal with customers in writing or electronically
H9XX 04 SCQF Level 7 Use customer service as a competitive tool
FE2X 04 SCQF Level 6 Organise the promotion of additional services or products to customers
H9XY 04 SCQF Level 7 Build a customer service knowledge base


Optional Units

Group C:

H9Y4 04 SCQF Level 6 Deliver customer service using service partnerships
FE31 04 SCQF Level 6 Organise the delivery of reliable customer service
H9Y5 04 SCQF Level 6 Improve the customer relationship
H9Y9 04 SCQF Level 5 Deliver customer service in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way


Optional Units

Group D:

H9YF 04 SCQF Level 6 Monitor and solve customer service problems
FE2F 04 SCQF Level 7 Apply risk assessment to customer service
H9YG 04 SCQF Level 7 Process customer service complaints


Optional Units

Group E:

FE36 04 SCQF Level 6 Work with others to improve customer service
H9YM 04 SCQF Level 7 Promote continuous improvement
FE39 04 SCQF Level 6 Develop your own and others’ customer service skills
FE3A 04 SCQF Level 7 Lead a team to improve customer service
H9YN 04 SCQF Level 7 Gather, analyse and interpret customer feedback
FE3D 04 SCQF Level 6 Monitor the quality of customer service transactions
FE3R 04 SCQF Level 8 Implement quality improvements to customer service
FE3T 04 SCQF Level 8 Plan and organise the development of customer service staff
FE3V 04 SCQF Level 8 Develop a customer service strategy for a part of an organisation
H9TP 04 SCQF Level 8 Manage a customer service award programme
H9YR 04 SCQF Level 8 Apply technology or other resources to improve customer service
FE3Y 04 SCQF Level 8 Review and re-engineer customer service processes
FE40 04 SCQF Level 7 Manage customer service performance
H9YT 04 SCQF Level 6 Analyse and report on the content of customer service feedback posted on social media
H9YV 04 SCQF Level 7 Develop a customer service network through social media platforms
Career Skills Units
Restricted Combinations
SVQ in Customer Service SCQF Level 6 (GLOD 23)